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Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority

Architect Registration, Map Scrutiny and building plan approval system

Scope of work: To help speed up the process of building plan compliance check in accordance with building bye-laws of respective councils. Its high speed and accuracy is a boon to all stakeholders. Within minutes it is capable of analyzing the building plans and generates a set of Reports, which are comprehensive and easily understandable to all stake holders

Website : http://www.greaternoida.com/

UP Fire

Generate and Issue NOC certificates according to UP fire Bylaws

The motto of Uttar Pradesh Fire Services asserts "WE SERVE TO SAVE". A translated idea of original motto in Sanskrit that is "TRANAY SEVA MAHE"  Based on this motto there are three priority wise objective concepts.
(A) Primary Objective: SAVING LIFE .
(B) Secondary Objective: SAVE National and Public PROPERTY.
(C) Tertiary Objective: Salvage and Preservation

Website : http://upfireservice.gov.in/

UP Sports Directorate

Managing Sports, Achievment, Stadium, Hostel, Awards, Player detail.

Uttar Pradesh Sports Department is looking forward to enhance the Sports Programs. Sports Directorate Uttar Pradesh was established in 1974 year for the development and enhancement of Sports in Uttar Pradesh. Sports Directorate of Uttar Pradesh is taking all the necessary steps to achieve this target at district and mandal level for sports such as Badminton, Cricket, Hockey, Football etc.

Website : http://upsports.up.nic.in/