Medhaj Corporate Responsibility: MEDHAJ RAKSHATI



Mr. Samir Tripathi , Founder and Chairman cum Managing Director of Medhaj Techno Concept Pvt. Ltd. started MEDHAJ RAKSHATI with a mission to promote KARATE as a sport and self-defence tool, especially for women and differently abled people.

This is an earnest effort on part of Medhaj to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility. They are promoting KARATE as a tool of self defence and fitness and endeavour to take it to great heights first at the State level and then to National and International level. They have started free training for women in KARATE because the best way to empower women is to make them self dependent and reliant in self-defence.They believe that KARATE is unique as a sport, because it can be practiced alone and can actually be used for self-defense, which is the need in the current society, especially for women. They are here to help all those who want to come up in this sport or learn karate for self defence free of cost.

Apart from this, through this MEDHAJ RAKSHATI they shall also reach out to society in the field of education to poor children, support to elderly, support to mentally retarded children etc.