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Dr (Hon.) Samir Tripathi
Chairman cum Managing Director

In these years of company's existence, we have traversed a memorable journey and have come a long way; and I find myself completely incompetent to have brought this company to this point, and I firmly belive that it is purely the blessings of Lord Shiva and some divine force which has given us the power to overcome all the obstacles against all odds: "I SAW, I ACTED, I WONDERED". To my utter surprise, many of those whom I didn't trust to great levels have supported me in a much better manner than the most trusted ones.
If I have to summarize on the basis of 33 years of my professinal experience, I can say for sure that my life would have remained undiscovered, and the challenges of the society and the sector would have remained unnoticed by me had Medhaj not come to my life. I am ever so grateful to my mother, Mrs. Rekha Tripathi for her rock solid support always, and to my wife, Alka Tripathi for giving the company the power packed name of Medhaj, which has innumerable cosmic energies of Lord Vishnu. My brother, Gunjan Tripathi cams as a boon to us by supporting and sharing with us the burning challenges of the sector. We, at Medhaj believe, that united we stand, divided we fall; and the family that eats together and prays together, stays together.
We are working towards consolidating ourselves on a very strong platform to contribute significantly in the revolution of Infrastructure development being envisaged in the country. We are a company with zeal and a mission for excellence. To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and high-quality operation. Our aim is to work at National level with diversification in other infrastructure sectors and to be amongst the BIG 8 consulting firm. With a global vision and dedication to serve the needs of every client, we are “Shaping a better tomorrow”. I take this opportunity to thank our clients, shareholders and collaborators for the faith and support you have invested in our company and we hope to continue to exceed your expectations and affirm your trust in us.